A Sad Day

Today I made all my posts but this and one other private.  I didn’t realize until after I made the edits on almost 1100 posts that editing the post to private also changed the published date.  That means I lost dates for every post I ever made on this blog. Whoops!  I was wrong.  Thankfully only the drafts changed dates.  All the rest of the dates remained!  Thank you Jesus!  It’s still gonna be a lot of work if or when I revive this place because there are posts that I wrote that were private, for my eyes only.  Somehow I’ll have to find them so they’ll remain that way… it’s still a sad situation, but I have access to my online diary complete with dates!

That means the posts I wrote over the months as Tabby’s homecoming story unfolded.


The day Isaac got his first pair of glasses.


The date of the day we put our beloved Mocha dog to sleep when he was so old and blind he nipped at Isaac before Tabs came home.


The years I wrote tributes to my Superman for our anniversaries.

All of my kids growing up years, so many posts about homeschooling them and so many other thoughts about things to do with life as I saw it…

and so much more…

All gone. My online journal.  Nearly 13 years of blogging at homeskoolmom.  Gone.

All because  people at our former church could not leave me alone.

Excuse me while I go cry…