Black and White: The View From My Eyes — 31 Days 2017


Wow!  I can’t believe I’m actually going to step out and talk about this topic.  If you don’t know me, or my family, you may be wondering what “qualifies” me to talk about race, afterall, I’m just a white girl living on some land in the heartland of America, right?  Not quite.  Yes, me by myself.  Me and my husband together.   Yes. We’re still pretty white.  Unless you count that summer many years ago that Shane worked in the middle of the desert  in Texas on the road crew in the town we lived, because of some Cherokee ancestry, he actually had a nice tan and resembled a Mexican more than a white boy.

But here’s what you may not know and what you probably need to in order to understand why I’m writing about racial issues.  Eighteen and a half years ago we adopted a beautiful bouncing bi-racial baby girl 18 months old, with big brown eyes and amazing curly hair.  A couple of years after that, we adopted a cute tri-racial bouncing baby boy.  Born with a head full of hair and determination that he still exhibits 17 years later.  After that, a skinny, brown 3 year old came home from the east coast, and then a crazy, life loving 11 month old old baby girl got on a plane in Liberia, West Africa with Shane and became our fourth child.  You see, the color of the skin didn’t matter to us when we decided to adopt.  We wanted children that needed a home.

In addition to that, I also spent an eye opening summer in the middle of Memphis in the projects during college. Yes it was only one summer but my life was changed that summer.  I did a lot of studying in preparation for that summer and during that summer too.   Shane and I also spent some time in Birmingham.  I will never forget walking through those projects, loving those people and them loving me too.  Part of my experience in those cities included trips to the Civil Rights Museums.  If you’ve never been and get the chance, I highly recommend both the one in Memphis, it is built around the hotel in which Martin Luther King was shot, and the one in Birmingham.  I promise, they are experiences you will never forget.

My Daddy was raised in the heart of Atlanta, GA during a turbulent time in our country’s history.  I spent a lot of time in the Atlanta metro as a kid since my Grandma and many other relatives lived there.  Like many of you,I grew up in the 1970’s.  Which meant I watched Archie Bunker and Edith on “All in the Family,”  “Good Times”  DYNO-MITE! and “The Jeffersons.”   In other words, I’ve seen the evolution of racism during my lifetime.  Quite honestly, I don’t like what I see.  That is what brings me here this month  Where I plan to dissect some of the my thoughts on the issue of skin color.  You may not agree with my conclusions; that is perfectly okay with me.  I can respect that and I hope that you can respect me if we disagree.

This is the view from my eyes.


  1. I was driving…no time to write
  2. A little prayer and a police stop
  3. God don’t see no color and neither do we
  4. Let’s stop reacting and be part of the solution
  5. How has being politically correct affected race in america?
  6. Some Random Pet Peeves
  7. Bridging the gap
  8. How is requiring a photo i.d. returning to segregation
  9. Just didn’t happen
  10. And didn’t happen again
  11. Let’s consider MLK’s dream