What Should We Do With Our Regrets?

Cue ole blue eyes.

Regrets? I’ve had a few.

Haven’t we all?  Things we look back on and wish we’d have done differently. Wondering if we should have done what we did. Or what might have happened if we hadn’t done it.

Healthy reflection can be profitable and beneficial. Reflecting on past decisions and mistakes from time to time can keep us from making poor decisions in the future. Reflecting and learning from our past can be so beneficial. Parking there however, is a dangerous place that can only lead us into a spiral downward. With the right perspective we can look back and reflect and find tremendous joy!

There are things I should not have done. Places I went that I should not have gone in my past. But here’s what I know. I know that God used those events, those experiences, those places and those moments to make me who I am today.

No matter how difficult things are or have been, I know I’m exactly where he wants me to be. I know I am growing and learning to depend on him more and that’s the whole goal of life isn’t it? To grow closer to our Lord in anticipation of Glory!


So many times I’ve dwelt on what I “should” be. How I “should” act. What I “should” do, or wear or not wear or where I should go or shouldn’t go what I did and should have done differently and spiraled down.

Yes, there are things we should be doing or shouldn’t be doing but I think we often forget that we are a work in progress. I don’t have to beat myself up! Jesus was beaten in my place. Jesus took all that shame and guilt with him to the cross.

While there’s benefit in healthy reflection, we are no longer bound to pity, and shame! We can let it go! We are FREE! Not free to do as we please of course. I have no desire to live the way I did in my past life. That person is dead and gone! New life has come!

His grace is sufficient!


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9 thoughts on “What Should We Do With Our Regrets?

  1. Your site is so cheerful! I love the flowers and sunshine yellow. I agree with you–we are a work in progress. God does guide our steps. I’m your neighbor at FMF.

  2. Hi Christy – I’m next door to you at #21 in FMF today, and I’m really glad to have read your post. I think the reminder that we are all “works in progress” is a really helpful one to combat the guilt that regret (and the accompanying should’s) can bring. “Should” is not a word of freedom, most of the time, but God wants us to be free. Thanks for this encouraging post. Have a great weekend too.

  3. Such a powerful closure: “New life has come! His grace is sufficient!” That calls for celebration. Have a glorious day! Visiting from FMF #17.

  4. Like you, I couldn’t come up with any particular high school memories! I love summer best but spring runs a close second. Except for a few days we haven’t had much of a spring, it’s been rainy and low 50s/upper 40s here in NE Ohio and my son still has his winter coat on! Come on sunshine!

  5. Such wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you!
    “I know that God used those events, those experiences, those places and those moments to make me who I am today.”
    I’ve often thought this, and I find it a comforting reminder when I “park” myself with past negative experiences for too long.

  6. Christy, great post.

    One thing I have learned about regrets is that they poison everything good that came after the regretted decision. I made decisions that were, in retrospect, stupid…but several of the dogs sleeping at my feet came to us on a chain of causality from exactly those points. They would have died otherwise, and I cannot weigh their lives – quite happy, I think – against my ‘regret’ with any fairness.

    I don’t look back any more. I do my best with every minute, and, putting all things behind, press on toward the mark.

    And thank you again for the WONDERFUL boots!

    #1 at FMF this week,.


  7. great post today Christy:) great quote: “I don’t have to beat myself up! Jesus was beaten in my place. Jesus took all that shame and guilt with him to the cross.”

  8. I really like this bcs it’s a challenge and reminder to keep pressing forward and not getting stuck in that downward spiral of shoulds since we are a work in progress!!

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