Share a Memory? Maybe or Maybe Not.

I’m linking up again with Kat.  Where one of her prompts was to share a 10th grade memory.  At first I breezed right over that prompt thinking not much good came from my high school years.  I am nothing like I was back then. There are some memories that were fun at the time, but looking back were made in response to a much different path I was walking.  But then again there are some redeeming qualities and maybe a memory I can muster up to share.

My growing up years were quite rocky.  After the divorce I found solace in cigarettes and bounced from crush to crush.   Naw….I don’t think I want to go any further with this prompt, so I’ll gently slide into another…one that’s easier to face without rehashing the past.

10 Things I love about spring!  Yes, I can write about that because spring is my favorite season.

Cold and snow slinking back into it’s cave and new life springing forth!  Easter and the celebration of the resurrected Lord!  (That makes those 10th grade memories a distant part of my past that helped mold me into what I am today but don’t define me any longer!  Praise God!).

Daffodils and dogwoods.  And brightly colored azalea bushes and fragrant magnolia blooms.   I love seeing the trees bud forth leaves every year, and the grass turn to green.

Freshly cut grass.  Like the smell of leaves burning or a wood stove in the winter it comforts me in a strange way.

Sunshine!  Except this year we seem to be condemned to perpetual rain. Two track meets have been canceled or rescheduled due to a 100% forecast.   I’m about ready to gather wood to start building an ark.

Barefoot is comfortable and black is relegated to the back of the closet for most people. Bright spring clothes are a welcome sight!

I love spring!  I long for East Tennessee every spring because it’s beautiful!  I miss driving the Dogwood trails and seeing the beauty around every corner.

This is a picture I took while driving one of the trails many years ago.  The “perfect” day captured for all time.  Sorry the quality isn’t better it’s hard to get good lighting for a picture of a picture.

Happy Spring Y’all!


4 thoughts on “Share a Memory? Maybe or Maybe Not.

  1. Yes, ma’am, it is gorgeous here right now. Us allergy sufferers are feeling it bigtime though. Small price to pay for God’s beautiful creation I guess.

  2. I love your quick transition here. Hey, who wasn’t a little more wild in our younger days!? 😉 Spring is gorgeous in these parts too. I with those beautiful blossoming trees stayed forever blossomed!

  3. I really love what you did with the prompt – sometimes memories are best left behind. I really love the image you create with your words about your garden. It is absolutely beautiful. So is the picture. I hope that you’re not getting too much rain. We just got tons!!

    1. Kimberly, I WISH this was my garden. We were driving on a dogwood trail in Knoxville, where I sadly no longer live. I have tried to find this house again since then when we’ve visited but no success. 🙁

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