When More is Not Enough

I’m linking up with my friends at Kate’s place for the craziness of Five Minute Friday.  A one word prompt.  A timer set for 5 minutes. (HA)  Writing what comes to mind.  No edits. (HA!) Posting it on the link up.  Commenting and encouraging other writers.  It’s truly a community and a place I love being a part of…even if I can’t figure out Twitter, hahaha.

This weeks word is more.

Sometimes there are people around you that expect more.  They’ve determined how you should live and place demands so burdensome that they can never be achieved.  Just like those that allow sin to go on without consequences, these kind of people also have a skewed view of mercy. God offers a balance.  We are to obey God but no one can be perfect. We are to offer grace, but we are also to confront true biblical sin. But ultimately we are to offer grace and allow God to work.  We’re not called to beat people into obedience.  It is our job to love and forgive and the Spirit’s job to convict.

No one can please others all the time.  If we tried we’d go CrAzY!  And believe me there’s enough crazy in our house without the outside world trying take us there.  Four kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs and a crazy hissing cat.  Dumb jokes, silly stories, DISCO and more.  Let’s just say life is often LOUD at our house, often involves momma snorting like a pig when things get wild and leave it, shall we?

But what does God expect of us?  To do good, to walk humbly and to serve our Lord. To run the race to his glory.  He knows perfection is not possible in this life. We’ll stumble.  We’ll fall and then we’ll get back up, brush off the blood and keep running.  Maybe we’ll walk.  Limp or crawl.  Maybe we’ll slow down but when we are his child we’ll continue because the Holy Spirit in us will compel us to do nothing less.

The fact is we sin.  Me, you and everyone else.  Some of us struggle with pride, others with pornography,  anger, drunkenness, gluttony, gossip or lying, cheating, or stealing.  Some of us have sins that the world easily sees.  Others of us have sins that few see, but God knows.


We are wounded people.  Sin brings sin, wounds and pain.  Those might be self inflicted or inflicted by others.  They might be physical or emotional.  Some of those wounds will be healed while we’re on this earth.   Other wounds are so deep, so penetrating, that only God in Heaven at the end of time as we know it will be able to gently bandage them.

Sometimes others hold your sins against you.  Sometimes they wound you further.  They pound you and try to force you to be what they want you to be.  Sometimes they attack you because they themselves are wounded and know no way to do otherwise.

Praise God!  There is grace and mercy. For me and for them.  As we strive for the prize.  If God allows, we realize that we can do no more than what we can do and we begin to understand grace. What we do will never be enough!  We can’t do more.

As I learn more of God’s grace, I am able to let  go.  I feel I’m just beginning to grasp the concept of “his yoke is easy and his burden is light.” I, in my sin, cause all sorts of havoc on those around me.  But God’s grace is more.  Jesus and the Cross takes the burden.    When I sin I am compelled to repentance. As his child I can do nothing more.  I fall down sorrowful at my sin.  Sorrowful that I’ve hurt others.  I repent and walk/craw/limp until the next time.  I rejoice that his suffering takes my place.  I rejoice that  I don’t have to worry about the expectations of others.  I can take comfort knowing that my frail attempt is compelled by the Holy Spirit at work in me.  And I am free.

Then I realize… more grace is enough.

His grace is sufficient!


7 thoughts on “When More is Not Enough

  1. beautiful Christy! i love the truth of your words. it seems we only learn that truth as we suffer. i wish we could learn it another way, but i know of few people who have. blessings girl as your wounded heart continues to heal.

  2. Hi Christy. These few words encapsulate the essence of the Christian life: “But God’s grace is more.” Indeed it is! More than we can ever imagine. Big enough for all our sin. Larger than life itself. Blessed to stop by from the #FMF link up and read your encouraging words. Thank you! 🙂

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