Where Would I Go?

For the second week in a row, I’m linking up with Kat again.  I’ve been getting her emails for years, popped in a long time ago here and there and disappeared again.  That seems to be the habit of my writing life.

The prompt I decided to write about is one I’ve thought about often:

You have to move away from your state in one month. List 6 destinations you wouldn’t mind relocating to.

Interesting timing for this prompt because life has been hard for us lately.  Hard enough that I even teased with Shane about running away to Alaska!  I do not like the snow, I do not like the cold so the fact that I would even tease about moving to Alaska… let me assure you Alaska or any place cold or with snow (more than a few inches a year) is not on my list. Alaska is not even on the list of places where I’d want to take a cruise. I have in fact told Shane often, that where we are is the farthest north I’m ever willing to move.  Thankfully, he agrees.

We would love to move to East Tennessee.  I grew up in Knoxville and still call it home.  It is a big enough city to offer a lot to do but has a small town feel.  Friendly people.  Several lakes in the area and you can be in the middle of the mountains in about an hour or make a trip to the ocean within a few hours.   Shane has actually sent resumes over the years, alas no replies must mean we’re not meant to be there…at least for now 🙂  4 seasons but not enough snow to be a bother.  No blizzards, and little threat of tornadoes or earthquakes and no threat of  hurricanes.   I’m a southern girl through and through.  Born, bred and raised.  “You can take the girl out of the south, but you can’t take the south out of the girl” is one of my favorite phrases.  I love grits, and country ham; fried okra, fried chicken and fried green tomatoes.

Another one of my favorite places is Charleston, South Carolina or Savannah, Georgia.   What beautiful cities.  I love the architectural beauty of the old homes and the slower pace.  They are also much less commercialized than Myrtle Beach, or at least they were many years ago.  One trip to Myrtle Beach as a young adult was one trip too many for me.  Rows of high rise hotels and so many people one could barely walk the beach?  Not my style, thanks.

We were blessed to visit Oahu, Hawaii a year ago this past January.  Yes, there was snow on the ground at home while we were swimming in the Pacific.  People were so friendly!  In fact, one of my regrets is losing the address of a sweet older couple we met in Chinatown the last day of our trip.  Sadly, we did not give them our address so it seems we’ll never connect again in this life.   I loved visiting the farmers markets and bringing home fresh produce.  The avacadoes?  Huge. Apple bananas?  Heavenly and of course the pineapples!   They raise much of their own food and it’s largely uncontaminated by pesticides.  However,  I’m not really sure I’d like to live in Hawaii long term. I’m afraid I’d get claustrophobic.    I’d like to drive and not being able to go farther than 60 or so miles across the island would not be enough.  I certainly am not fond of the long plane ride, and stuffy airports.   I can say,  I don’t think I’d miss the cold weather and I definitely would not miss SNAKES!  However, I’d rather take my chances with a tornado than face the threat of hurricanes or a tsunami even on an occasional basis.

I know I said no snow, but we have had the opportunity to visit Colorado several times over the years. Always in the summer or early fall.  It ‘s one of my favorite places ever.  It is far enough away from life as we know it, that I have threatened to move there when things get too crazy at home.  Not by myself of course, I couldn’t leave my family behind.  When the outside world presses in, Colorado Springs my run away place.  There are so many things to do.  The pace is slow and the people are friendly.  I think  I could spend every day at Garden of the Gods and never get tired or bored or lonely. .

The next place isn’t really a place.  Shane and I often thought we’d be on the mission field somewhere when we were newly married and much younger.   We considered China many years ago, but door closed pretty quick on that one.  Shane spent some time in Russia when he was a teenager and I spent some time in the inner city when I was in college.  Our youngest daughter is from Liberia.  So maybe one of those places?  But here’s what We’ve  also come to realize.  We know we don’t have to go anywhere to be on the mission field.  There are so many lonely, hurting folks around us.  Many seeking something to fill a void.  We can be ourselves and love people without leaving home.   God has used us often over the years in this way.

Hmmmm.  The last place? I’m not really sure.  I can’t really imagine living in any other country.  Although I do enjoy watching Househunters International when I have access to HGTV.   I definitely think somewhere with friendly folks and a slower, laid back lifestyle.  Shopping at the market daily and sipping on coffee at a sidewalk cafe’ with Shane would be a divine life.  Enjoying a table filled with good food and friends and raising our glasses filled with fine wine together in fellowship and fun. Yes! That would be a life I could enjoy.  We’d never be wealthy enough to do that.  And I don’t believe I could ever leave my family without having the ability to visit regularly.  So, much like my dream of being a world class ice skater last week, this dream will remain dormant, except in my head ready to be pulled out and dreamed about whenever I wish to escape



10 thoughts on “Where Would I Go?

  1. I can totally relate to the “disappearing blogger” phenomenon. I’ve sunk and surfaced several times in my blogging. Oh well. It’s what I do. As for relocating, the places you mentioned sound wonderful. For me, I want an RV or travel trailer so I can tool around everywhere.

    1. Tooling around the country in an R.V. also sounds like fun! There was a T.V. program several years ago with Gerald Raney (who played Major Dad) called Promised Land. That’s what they did.

    1. Mandy even if we never, never meet in this life we’re gonna have lots of coffee together in Heaven! On the other hand, find my hubby and job and Savannah here we come 🙂

    1. Hopefully, we’ll get to go again in a year or two. Hawaii depleted to bank account. We’re staying local this year.

  2. I love your list of destinations! It’s interesting how we tend to go back to our roots when given the chance. My husband and I have talked about Hawaii too, but agree with you it’s just too small and isolated! Very beautiful though!

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