Singing the 70’s BeeGee’s Style

No, you’re not seeing double, there are 2 pictures of me in Kate’s link up this week.  I couldn’t let y’all believe that we’re sinking in the sand.  Yes, there are difficult moments, but in the middle of the pain that 3 whammies of rejection bring, Shane, our children and I have had some crazy, goofy, laugh your pants off until you snort moments too.  I live with 2 comedians, and God allows moments where the rest of us can hold our own against their craziness.

I’m not setting a timer because it’s an ungodly hour of the morning and I don’t want to disturb the rest of my house.  So, once again, I’ll wing it.


Last Sunday night we turned the T.V. on expecting to watch Steve Harvey’s new smash success, “Little Big Shots”  instead we found a rerun, so we jumped into the middle of the T.V version of Will Smith’s “The Pursuit of Happyness,”  After it was over, we left the muted T.V. on while we chatted about the movie.

A few minutes later I look up and see John Travolta.  I hit the mute button and hear the well known intro and the words

“You can tell by the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk”


An evening of DISCO!

Okay, not just Disco, but you know.  The music of my growing up years and more!.  It was a star studded tribute to the brothers Gibb and my family and I had a front row seat.  The endured while I belted out the songs with Barry and most of the audience while the stars sang behind the mic.   Not only that, they got to count 2 hours of school, because we are a homeschool family–it’s the way we roll.  Even on a Sunday evening.  And what better way to learn music history than through a Grammy tribute to DISCO!  This is how bad it was, at one point I looked at Shane and asked, is this an hour show?  This question came about halfway through the SECOND hour.  Yep!  I was that far gone!

I keep telling my kids disco is NOT dead, now they MUST believe me! Click To Tweet

A few weeks ago, Shane received his last Box of Awesome from 31 deals.  It’s a once a month mystery box. In it were some crazy photo cut outs.  Yesterday, Tabby decided she wanted to play, so we opened the box and she came out modeling the various prints.

She came out wearing the last cut out singing “I, I, I, I’m Stayin’ Alive, Stayin’ Alive” And then she made “the” pose.

A proud moment for this 1970’s Momma. (Apparently, they don’t make many cut out for little brown girls.  Just ignore the white hands haha).

You can watch the entire two hour event here if you desire.  If not, here’s a little music.  Feel free to sing along.  I will.

We will survive!  And in case you’re too young, that’s another great disco hit of the 1970’s by Gloria Gaynor.


BTW, thank you my friends for the prayers and encouraging comments.  I appreciate every single one of you!







11 thoughts on “Singing the 70’s BeeGee’s Style

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  2. Such a fun post, Christy! “Stayin’ Alive” was the first 45 I ever purchased. As soon as I read that first line, the song began pinging in my head. Thanks. I think. 😉

    Sharing song with family is so fun. It’s wonderful that music is a part of the fabric of your family!

    1. Sorry Jeanne. It could be worse. You could have Veggie Tales running through your head. I could hum a few bars if you like, lol.

      I had the album and wish I still did.

      My oldest two used to sing hymns together all the time when they were young, and it was beautiful. They still will sign together from time to time. My oldest son plays the violin beautifully and was on the worship team at church until…oh well. He’ll play somewhere again someday I’m certain. He’s entirely too talented not to.

  3. If I could have had control of the tv that night, I would have been singing along too. I confess, I too love disco. A few weeks ago, one of the contestants on “The Voice” sang “Last Dance” by Donna Summer. Let’s just say I hit the replay button a few times. Music can be a great family bonding time-even if it’s reminiscent of old school (and for you, it became homeschool. Ha!)

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