God’s Grace is Sufficient

No matter who says it isn’t.  His grace is sufficient for a wretch like me.

Jesus suffered more.

Jesus endured the pain and agony of the cross so I could be forgiven.  He was despised and rejected.  He was tortured for my sin.  He took the punishment for me!

I am forgiven.

My sin will not be held against me by King Jesus!

God alone is worthy to pronounce that judgement–not a man.  Not any man!

King Jesus!

His judgement is FORGIVEN!

His judgement is CLEANSED from ALL unrighteousness.

His judgement is CERTAIN!

Men may attack and accuse.  Men may harbor bitterness and unforgiveness in their hearts.  Men may sit on their high holy hill  making pronouncements that only Jesus Christ is qualified to make.

But Jesus. Oh Jesus!  Thanks be to God he does not judge as the world judges.  Thanks be to God he does not reject when the world rejects.  Thanks be to God for His salvation on the Cross!

This I must remember.  This is what I must focus on.

This is enough!

But in the depths of my soul I cry out in agony!

Nothing is acceptable to the party that accuses.  They lash out in their own anger.  They speak ugly, unkind works and take none of the responsibility for the parting of ways.

Three situations in our life.  Similar yet different.  And when I think I have come to grips with 2 of them the 3rd comes in roaring like a lion.  And strangely enough even with similar situations, I find peace with the first two. The scab has not been torn off.  The blood isn’t dribbling out.  Praise God! The scar is fresh, but the wounds appear to be healing.

The blood from the wound of the most recent injury is gushing out.  The wound is fresh.  Rejected by those who should be close to us.  Those living outside our home have lashed out and have blamed me for every problem in the relationship between our families.   How that can be, I can’t even fathom.  For even secularists know that nothing is 100% one persons fault.  Unfortunately,  I’m not alone.  These people have chosen to sever relationships with many others before me and sadly, unless the Holy Spirit prompts, I’m certain they will severe relationships with many others after me.

Oddly comforting in a weird way.  I’m not alone.  Our family is not alone. I am not the first, nor will I be the last.  The pain is deep.  It will take time but the wound will heal.

Lord Jesus protect those relationships in our home from the attacks from the Evil One.  Use these attacks to strengthen the bond between us.  To grow us closer together as a family.  To learn of your grace and mercy even more.  Lord I pray this wound will lead us to trust you more. Lord, I pray that our family will move forward.  That our children will remain strong in you.  I pray that we will ever cling to you.  Broken?  Yes, but stronger.

With God’s mercy and grace, we will shine forth as gold.





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