A New Career?

I’m linking up at the writing workshop with MamaKat today.  Every Tuesday she offers several writing prompts in preparation for Thursday’s link up.  This week’s prompts are below.  I chose to write on what new career I would chose if I had to chose one.

Writing Prompts:

1. Write a list of your top Spring must-haves.
2. Something your kids said that made you laugh.
3. If you had to choose a new career for yourself, what would you choose?
4. Write a blog post inspired by the word: incomplete.
5. Tell the story of a mistake made in the kitchen.
6. Write about your favorite childhood pet.

I have actually thought about what different careers I would enjoy for a long time.  It amuses me.

Every time I go to the cosmetology school for a hair cut I think it would be a fun career. Except for the chemicals.  As sick as I was for as long as I was and as hard as I’ve tried to get healthy and as much money as we’ve spent, I don’t think I could bring myself to pursue this career choice unless I could find a school that taught natural alternative to perming and coloring.

Real estate? Yes!  I think showing people homes would be a blast!  I’m not sure I would like the tedious paperwork part of the job but helping people find a home would make it worthwhile.

Working as a barista at a coffee shop? Yep!  Coffee and people is there anything else to say?

And since we’re talking about careers, I’ll share a couple of my child hood far fetched dreams because what child ever hasn’t dreamed so big and crazy about a future that is so unattainable for most?

One was an ice skater. Every 4 years when we’d watch the Olympics and I’d be mesmerized by skaters like Dorothy Hamill and Scott Hamilton.   This dream wasn’t even on the radar.  I have to date only been on ice a dozen ish times.  Alas,  I never lived the life of an all star ice skater, but I did get a taste of that dream on the dance floor. In my early adult life, I taught ballroom dancing at the Fred Astaire studio where telemarketers in the back room offered their unsuspecting callers 3 lessons and a dance party if they could answer 3 trivia questions correctly.  That job was probably my most favorite job ever; except for the selling aspect. I was pretty terrible.  Eventually I became the receptionist where I could still dance but didn’t have to sell lessons.  This was before the days of camcorders, Facebook and Instagram.  The trophies went to the thrift store many years ago and the few photos I had are long gone. So there are no  pictures to share.

Someday you may see my name on Realtor.com or find me behind a counter serving up Almond Joy Latte’s and banana bread but for now, I’ll continue being a loving wife and mother.

What about you?  If you could chose a new career what would it be?



13 thoughts on “A New Career?

    1. I could see that! My two oldest love the theater. Not me, I’d rather be in the green room sewing costumes 🙂

  1. Real estate is actually a really good career, even (maybe even especially) for a wife and mother. There’s a lot of the legal stuff to learn (contracts and all that paperwork of which you speak), but it can be quite lucrative, and you will generally be working while the kids are in school. It’d be an adjustment… You probably know one or two agents, and they’d be able to tell you more.

    I’m trying to be encouraging. How’m I doing?

    1. a great job encouraging me John! I do have a friend that’s an agent and I’ve talked to her some about it. My youngest is 11, when she’s a little older, I may try my hand at it. Homeschooling is flexible, but she still needs quite a bit of direction.

    1. Yeah, I’m guessing my career as a writer is over before it’s begun. All my interview notes, and mp4’s sit on the computer. I did work on them last week, but I’m mired down in the ugliness that life keeps throwing at us.

  2. The dancing job sounds like a lot of fun! Lately, I just want to do landscaping! I’m tired of being inside and on computers, so my new career would be anti-computer and social media!

    1. It was a blast Jen! I’ve about given up on social media. There’s enough drama in my life without borrowing everyone else’s haha. Sunshine yes! So glad for spring and warm weather!

  3. You can make good money at real estate, but it can be pretty stressful. Since I’m unemployed at the moment, I suppose I should think more about what career I want. For the moment, I’ll stick with trying to make money writing. But I may have to fall back on pole dancing. (kidding!)

  4. The only think I would like about real estate would be touring overpriced homes. 🙂 Fun! I think for a different career option I might like to be a librarian or work in a quiet bookstore. Certainly that means I could spend my lunch hour reading right!?

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