Chip Young’s Gold Thumb; An Update

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I thought I’d give y’all a little update on what’s been happening since November 1st.  First, I took some time off.  I didn’t think (much) about CYGT for a while.  I needed to rest my brain and the holiday season gave me that rest.  Then our family had the vacation of a lifetime in January.  We spent 12 days on Oahu, Hawaii.  It was snowing at home and we were wearing our flip flops and swimming in the Pacific.

I did begin working here and there on a book proposal.  And I began doing a little more research.

In February, I made plane reservations to Nashville for June.  I’m planning on spending several days talking to those legends that I want to include in the story.

I’m trying to get my nerve up to call Dolly’s people.  Oh WOW!  I can’t even believe I’m writing that.  Dolly.  Dolly Parton.  The southern belle of Country Music.  The lady that grew up poor just down the road from where I was raised, and followed her dream and achieved it.  And I wonder if she’ll help me follow my dream.  And then I think, she’s just like me, nothing to be nervous about and almost pick up the phone…and if I can’t pick up the phone for this how will I pick up the phone to talk to people that can see this book succeed?  I know I’ve got to do it…

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Until now, every door I’ve knocked on has opened.  And I get choked up at the thought of it all.

I’ve been working on the proposal.  The rough draft is essentially done. It came together today. The “Overview” was the problem.  The most important section of the proposal.  It just wasn’t working.  But I had it all along.  I had written in a couple of months ago, thinking it was more of an introduction.  But I wasn’t sure how it would fit in.  This morning I woke up with that “introduction” on my mind.  As I read over it,  I almost came to tears as I realized it was what I had been missing!

It needs some tweaking, but I’ll sit on it for a few days.

And I need to tweak 3 chapters to submit with the proposal.

And then I’ve got to figure out where to send it.

And then there’s query letters…Oh Lord help me.  I don’t know the first thing about these kind of things.  But I’ll learn.  I learned the proposal, didn’t I? And I know one thing.  If God means it to be published by a traditional publisher, He’ll see that it happens.  And if it doesn’t, I’ve already decided that I will self publish if I need to. Yes, I feel this book is that important to the history of Country Music.  Again, not because I’m a great writer, but because the story is so amazing. It’s got to be told.

And if a publisher chooses it, I’ve got to write it!  Oh dear what have I gotten myself into? Whew!  I can’t go there.  I’ve got to push through the feelings of doubt and fear and I’ve got to do the next thing.

In the meantime. I’ve booked my flight, I’ve got a rental car and  I’ve ordered a digital voice recorder.  I’ve got a plan to meet and interview some of these folks that week, and if it doesn’t work out, then I’ll do it by phone.  Or I’ll go back.  Whatever it takes.

I’ve got a phone appointment with a writing coach to see how she can help me.

I’ve got a name for the book, but I don’t want to share it just yet.  The sub-title still isn’t quite right…

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And folks I still sit here overwhelmed to the point of almost being paralyzed when I stop and think about writing this book.  I’m humbled and honored to be the one to write these stories. And then I wonder where it will go?    And I look back and reflect.  I believe God has been preparing this for me for some time.  And I’m even more humbled.

My one regret remains that I didn’t get these stories straight from Uncle Chip. But then again, I trust that God’s timing is perfect.  And I might have missed out on some great stories from other “unknown” legends, huh?





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    1. I did find the right contact people for Dolly and I sent a message. It was the only way I could find to contact the agency. If that doesn’t work, I’ve got a couple more ideas up my sleeve…I know people, lol…

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